One2Five Authenticity Policy

The below policy covers what makes content submitted to the One2Five platform considered authentic content for publication. The content referred to includes ratings, reviews, questions, answers, and image content. Authentic content refers to content that to the best of’s knowledge is genuine, reliable content that is free from fabrication or fraudulent activities in submission.

The content referred to in this authenticity policy applies to cases such as: content submitted to the One2Five platform to be distributed to various client websites, content submitted to the One2Five platform/database that will not be published and various third-party content.

Failure to comply with the following policy laid out in this document may result in removal of content, removal of authenticity badges, halting of content syndication and client termination.

The below outlines what is considered authentic content by One2Five:


One2Five content to be published must first be submitted in such a way that it passes through our database and content moderation hub. Human moderators check all submissions for suspicious content and One2Five takes reasonable commercial steps to prevent inauthentic content from passing through moderation, including, but not limited to:

1. Client submitted content that attempts to promote their own products or services that are not transparently divulged as such (e.g., through badging of content as “affiliated” or “employee”).

2. Direct competitor submitted content aimed at disparaging the client’s products or services.

3. Attempts at automating content submission.

For full moderation guidelines used by the One2Five moderation document, see our separate document.

Content that follows the above guidelines but is otherwise negative in nature will not be obscured, edited or deleted by the moderation team or clients. One2Five also does not edit reviews for any language issues, grammatical or spelling.

Moderation is only done by the One2Five moderation team and clients should not moderate content themselves but flag any content they feel was mis-moderated for review.


Content submissions which come from individuals or entities with a provable and known financial stake (or interest) in the product or service referred to in the content submitted must always be divulged as such. This includes users that are in any way monetarily compensated for submitting content about a product or service, for example; client employees or users who have been given any monetary reward like a voucher or free sample for submitting content.

Endorsed/Incentivised reviews must be badged as one or more of the following:

The following policies apply to endorsement content:

1. All endorsements need to abide by relevant law, regulations, and guidance.

2. Endorsed content must reflect the honest opinions and experiences of a product or service of the submitted. The submitted must also have a reasonable familiarity /use of the product or service.

3. Endorsements must be clearly identifiable as such (at minimum through the badges outlined above).


Legacy content refers to content that was already existing for the client preceding any business relationship with This content will be imported into the One2Five database without constraints. However, any content that will be syndicated must pass through One2Five moderation. When a client imports legacy content, it is a requirement for content to include:submitted email, original time/date of submission and display name of the submitter.

POLICY VIOLATIONS reserves the right to final moderation decisions of submitted content in order tomaintain content authenticity.

In a case wherein a client fails to comply with the outlined authenticity policy an escalation process will follow.

Violations include, but are not limited to: reserves the right to remove content it believes violates the outlined policy. If there are repeated violations, can terminate the client relationship.